Rowing Machine

The Rower

Sports therapy isn’t just about treating injuries with massage. It is also about teaching how to prevent performance limiting injuries through correct technique and posture, so that the client can continue to reach their goals, and become fitter and stronger. This “Gains without Pains” series of posts will take common exercises done in the gym and look at correct posture and technique in order to reduce the risk of injury.



 - low-impact exercise that uses all the muscles and burns a lot of calories 


 - using only the arms to row places stress on the back and shoulders 


– pushing with the legs should account for 60% of the effort and 40% from the core and the arms 

• strokes should be long and controlled 

• do not rounding the back 

• tightening those abs 

• pulling the shoulders back and down 

• check the resistance is challenging but comfortable