Massage For Psoriasis

Massage For Psoriasis

 I thought I’d post about how massage can help those with psoriasis, since many people think they can’t have a massage treatment if they have this condition.   The best types of massage for psoriasis are Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu. The long strokes in swedish massage are perfect for stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic system, which is directly linked to the immune system. This is helpful to clients suffering with psoriasis, because the immune system "misfires" , causing inflammation in the joints and accelerated skin cell growth.


 • Reduces stress by inhibiting cortisol release – stress is a common trigger for psoriasis flare ups 

• Reduces inflammation and pain in the joints of clients with psoriatic arthritis – by promoting growth of mitochondria, the cells have the means to renew themselves reducing inflammation

 • Reduces skin inflammation of the skin and scaling – by promoting new mitochondrial production • Increases circulation of blood an lymph, which have a knock on effect on the immune system, also reducing inflammation 

• Provides relaxation – helps the client to deal with social and physical issues associated with their psoriasis 


• Tell the therapist upon booking that you have psoriasis as some therapists don’t treat clients with this issue, even though it is not contagious 

• Any injury to the skin can cause a further flare up of psoriasis so ensure that you see a therapist who is experienced in dealing with it and that they treat particularly inflamed areas more gently

 • if you have moisturizers or oils that help your psoriasis, you can bring them and ask for them to be used in the massage, although most oils shouldn’t cause any issue

 • tell the therapist if you have psoriatic arthritis and they can avoid the joints if they are painful and inflamed

 • if your GP will prescribe massages and you have private health insurance you may be able to get the cost covered for regular treatments