Weight Loss and Massage

Weight Loss and Massage

I am sometimes asked if massage can help you lose weight. The quick answer is no but it can assist with losing weight by other means such as dietary changes or exercise. Massage has the following benefits which will assist someone with their weight loss journey.

 1)INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION: A full body massage will bring more blood, and therefore nutrients and oxygen to your tissues, promoting higher energy levels, and get rid of all the waste materials of metabolism.

 2) INCREASES LYMPH CIRCULATION: by incorporating lymphatic massage techniques into the full body routine, the metabolism is boosted and toxins are flushed through the system. Increased flow of lymphatic fluid also enhances the immune system, which research has shown can improve the metabolism. Certain white blood cells within the lymphatic fluid help fat cells to make a specific protein, which triggers the body to metabolise white fat into a much healthier brown fat. This process uses large amounts of energy, leading to increased metabolic rate and weight loss. Lymphatic massage has also been used to heal injuries following a workout and help recovery of the muscles..

 3)TONES MUSCLES: Massage will definitely help in toning up your body, especially the muscle area. It will also decrease the appearance of cellulite.

 4) IMPROVE DIGESTIVE FUNCTION: An abdominal massage will not only help rid the body of toxins and boost your metabolism, but will also make your digestive system work more smoothly, improving peristalsis and the constipation that can be caused with dietary changes. This, combined with consumption of less calories, and living an active lifestyle, will reduce lethargy. Instead of feeling sluggish, the body will feel charged and ready to be pushed while working out.

 5)STRESS RELIEF: Many people tend to gain weight because they are stressed which often leads to overeating. Therefore, by relieving stress massage can help to break the habit of impulsive eating. An aromatherapy massage in particular can use specific oils to reduce cravings and binge eating as well as easing stress and assisting with a good nights sleep. These things will help to increase energy levels to enable you to carry out your exercise programme. 

6)SELF ESTEEM AND BODY CONFIDENCE: Massage has been shown to help people feel better about themselves, because when we take care of our bodies and receive the healing power of human touch, which stimulates release of oxytocin, we feel loved. When we feel loved we tend to love ourselves. This self esteem and confidence can help people feel motivated to do exercise. 

7)IMPROVED APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE: Massage can help reduce cellulite by breaking the subcutaneous tissue. 

8)IMPROVED ELASTICITY OF THE SKIN: Massage can also help the skin become firmer and more supple, especially for someone who has loose skin from losing weight.