Massage for Men's Health

Massage for Men's Health

  I have written many posts about various aspects of women's health and how massage can help, so  I thought I should write something about how massage can specifically benefit men.


 I talk a lot about the positive effect of massage on the circulatory system, but this is particularly beneficial to men because:-

 ⦁ they have a higher rate of cardiac health issues 

⦁ effective circulation can assist with sexual health and erectile issues


 Muscle and joint pain/injury and DOMS is a common complaint from men, but massage can help by:-

 ⦁ assisting with post surgical recovery 

⦁ reducing inflammation, easing pain and improving range of motion

 ⦁ helps transportation of oxygen and nutrients to tissues for recovery from injury 

⦁ assists with removal of metabolic waste products which can further irritate injured tissue


Massage can help the morning after be a lot more comfortable by:-

 ⦁ relieving headaches

 ⦁ calming the nerves supplying the digestive system

 ⦁ eliminating alcohol from the body via enhanced liver/kidney function


 Prostate massage can promote spontaneous secretion of fluid which can clear any blockages in the reproductive system. This is thought to relieve:- 

⦁ painful ejaculation

 ⦁ erectile dysfunction


 Inflammation of the prostate can reduce urine flow because the prostate surrounds the urethra. By reducing swelling, prostate massage may improve your urine flow.


 - characterized by chronic pelvic/groin pain without infection . Pain relief can be sought by:-

 ⦁ relieving spasms in the iliopsoas muscle due to a pelvic alignment imbalance

 ⦁ lumbosacral massage to work on the pelvic nerve plexus, which includes the prostatic nerve plexus that supplies the prostate gland 

Prostate massage therapy should be done by a doctor to help clear the prostatic duct of any blockages. It was the original treatment for prostatitis, although not widely supported by research, but some men do find relief of symptoms with this type of therapy.