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I am an FHT registered and fully insured massage therapist, aromatherapist, oncology practitioner and accredited massage tutor. I have many years of medical experience in addition to my 25 years experience in massage therapy. My specialist areas are cerebral palsy in children, domestic abuse and PTSD, oncology, pregnancy and postnatal health, women's health and post surgical care.

IHBC Dip., IIST, IIHHT, Dip. Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Active IQ Dip., IICT, CMA, IPHM, CThA, MASCED cert.,SAC Dip.

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As a former surgical nurse, who worked across a wide range of specialities, with a particular interest in gynaecology, who then became a midwife, I am very knowledgeable about pelvic conditions and women’s health. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis, which for years left me in daily chronic pain and exhausted from constant severe bleeding. It was a long and stressful process, with numerous treatments, which impacted on every part of my life, and every aspect of my identity. I also had 3 unsuccessful pregnancies in this time. These experiences gave me an in depth understanding of women’s health, allowing me to empathise with my clients today, something that my women’s health clients appreciate.

My clients know that I truly understand chronic pain and fertility issues, which not only impact on someone physically but are also mentally draining, affecting your social life, your ability to work and your identity as a woman, a wife, a mother etc.


Having been the parent of a child with cerebral palsy and being responsible for her daily physiotherapy and bowel care, I know only too well how important regular therapy is, and also how difficult it is to access. I therefore offer treatments at a very reasonable price, for children with cerebral palsy, both to help improve muscle tone and to assist with bowel function.

Different types of cerebral palsy involve damage to different parts of the brain, and therefore will vary in how they affect body movement, posture and muscle coordination.

It is vital if you are seeking massage therapy for anyone with cerebral palsy, that you find a therapist who is qualified and experienced in this area, which can be difficult to find. I am a registered and insured practitioner, with both personal and professional experience of childhood disability, and have also spent many years being involved in disabled sport camps.


I spent many years in an abusive marriage which resulted in PTSD and years of flashbacks, affecting my relationships that followed and my self esteem, but this experience also gave me an insight into trauma that most massage therapists don’t have. My clients know that they can talk to me confidentially about anything, even abuse and trauma, because they know I have personal experience, as well as professional.

Clients often feel like they’re the only person going through something, or that the people around them don’t understand, but when they come to me, they not only come to see a therapist who has a wide range of experience and medical knowledge, but someone who also understands the impact of trauma on every aspect of their life.


As a former midwife, I am well aware of the changes in a woman's body during pregnancy which can cause discomfort. Postural changes that occur as the body's centre of gravity shifts, combined with stretching of the pelvic ligaments can result in pelvic pain and additional stress on the joints and muscles. Through massage I can help to relieve these issues and you can be reassured that both you and your baby are in the hands of a fully qualified and experienced therapist.


I am able to combine my knowledge as a sports therapist with my knowledge as a surgical nurse who has worked in orthopaedics, and seen the effect of many injuries, to treat sports injuries as well as helping with general post workout recovery and occupational muscle tension.

Women's Health Clinic

I offer women's health clinic appointments which are designed to focus on a specific women's health medical condition such as endometriosis, the menopause, PMDD or postnatal issues. Following the initial consultation, I combine my medical experience with my knowledge as a therapist to recommend a treatment programme. These clinic appointments may also be used to help women who have been through domestic abuse or other types of trauma, and are potentially suffering with PTSD. 


Looking for a gift for someone?

  • Gift vouchers available by value or by treatment.
  • Aromatherapy pamper bags based on the five oil blends used in treatments

Muscle Ease, Mellow Mummy, Women's Rescue, Relaxation or Energise

Includes Himalayan bath salts, 2 x 100ml bath oil, 100ml massage oil and a soy wax candle, all in a reusable bag, vegan friendly, £40 each

(Not suitable for those with nut allergies or in pregnancy - except the Mellow Mummy)

In addition to aromatherapy products which are available to buy in the salon( bath oils, sleep sprays, roll on blends etc) you can also order customised aromatherapy products to help with specific medical conditions.

Or why not treat you and your partner or a friend to the 8 week Couples Swedish Massage Course (one 2 hour session every week) where you will learn a full body Swedish massage and have fun along the way.

£500 (or 8 installments of £62.50)

Email me at sam@medicalmassagelady.com to buy any of these.

I am also now working alongside some of the local consultants who will be referring patients to me. This means that both oncology patients and gynae patients with chronic pelvic pain and issues such as endometriosis and PCOS will be able to benefit from both conventional treatment options and a more holistic treatment to compliment this.


In January my article about the need for medical knowledge in massage got published. The main reason why I started to teach courses is because I have worked with too many therapists who unfortunately carry out inappropriate treatments on clients with medical issues because they simply don't have the knowledge to ask the right questions or adapt the techniques, leading to clients health deteriorating following the massage, or frustration that the therapist didn't understand their issue and couldn't offer any kind of preventive measure to do between treatments. These are things that I hear over and over again from clients. Therapists must work within their competency level to treat clients effectively.

To view the complete article go to


I have also just had a second article about the use of massage in clients with unresolved trauma and PTSD published (November). You can view the article at


I am also now drawing on my nursing experience and have become a certified oncology practitioner, meaning that I will be treating cancer patients, whether in remission, just diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or in the terminal stages, as well as becoming MASCED accredited and offering free mole checks. Plus for those clients with higher levels of tension I am also becoming certified in IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation).

As of mid October I have been working alongside Bleu Rose Aesthetics, and am pleased to announce that I was awarded the Top Rated status through Treatwell, which is based on the number and ratings of client reviews. Thank you to all of my clients who have taken the time to review following their treatments. It really does make a difference.

Plus, having qualified as an aromatherapist just before Christmas and with my Manual Lymphatic Drainage training coming up, there will be even more services and products coming your way in 2022.

MASCED accredited

The Medical Massage Lady

Services offered include:-

Massage Treatments

Women's Health Clinic

Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Massage Courses

Corporate Massage Training

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