Massage for Relationship Issues

Massage for Relationship Issues

Research has shown that giving each other a massage can improve both physical and mental well-being, while being affectionate. It may also lead to relationship satisfaction, since massage may promote relationship stability as couples will be working as a pair when coping with stress. Both giving and receiving a massage can improve not only wellbeing, but perceived stress and coping abilities. 

Couples massage can really help to build intimacy with your partner, but many people become preoccupied with the belief that they are unable to give a massage. 

Learning a new skill together can positively influence your relationship and your own wellbeing through the numerous benefits such as reducing stress, stimulating the circulation and relieving both physical and emotional pain. In terms of benefits for your relationship, massage can:- 

• RENEW THE RELATIONSHIP – through the learning process and discovering new ways to touch each other a fresh perspective can be brought to the relationship 

• INCREASES AFFECTION FOR EACH OTHER – it can be difficult to maintain affection and bonding in a relationship when work and life take over, but massaging each other increases affection, due to increased production of dopamine and oxytocin, which contribute to feelings of love. Plus, the physical nature of giving each other massages makes you feel closer. 


• HELPS YOU TO RECONNECT AND STAY CONNECTED WITH YOUR PARTNER -often disconnects us from our partner, but massaging your partner gives you time to reconnect, without distraction, and remind you of the bond you share. It allows you to explore your partner, while easing their stress 

• KEEPS YOU HEALTHY – numerous physical and mental health benefits including relaxation and release of pleasure seeking hormones 


Consistency and lack of attention in relationships is one of the main causes of trust issues, because if someone is inconsistent with how much time they give you, then the physical connection will disappear. But with being naked and vulnerable you can learn about each others physical reactions and learn to be yourself which builds trust and makes you craving physical touch more. 

It is easy for men to suffer from a lack of touch in a society where touch is seen as means to an end. Massage provides the safety and comfort of loving physical contact without the expectation of sex. While your view of relationships may change over time, the power of physical touch remains constant and is the most essential element in a relationship. We feel more connected through physical touch as it is an acknowledgement of our partners presence and communication of our desire for them. When that touch is reciprocated, intimacy and satisfaction in a relationship increase.

 In a world of technology, face to face connections can be replaced with texts etc neglecting our natural desire for physical connection. If you have a disagreement with your partner it is so much easier to resolve it if you can physically connect through touch. 

If you and your partner would like to learn a new skill and find a way to improve your relationship and deepen your connection in a way that feels natural, you can contact me for details on the Swedish massage course for couples.