Why do Breathwork?

Breathwork can help promote relaxation and mental focus, but there are also many physiological benefits including calming the nervous system, easing brain fog, increasing immunity, promoting digestive function and improving lung capacity.  It is hugely beneficial to those dealing with trauma and PTSD, high anxiety levels, depression and cancer.
Conscious breathing can help to process and release trauma, which may have been suppressed, by bypassing the conscious mind, deactivating the sympathetic nervous system, and having a restorative effect. It creates a safe space for deep relaxation and free expression of emotions. By creating this trance like safe space for expression and processing,  suppressed thoughts and  emotions from trauma can come to the surface more easily. Breathwork can also work on the physical effects of trauma, deactivating the flight-or-fight response and reducing PTSD symptoms.
You can access group classes or have a one to one session with me,