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I have had a lot of women's health experience both professionally and personally. I worked as a gynae nurse and a midwife, dealing with chronic conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, various gynae surgeries and infertility and other pregnancy related issues. As a massage therapist I also treat many women with these issues as well as PMS, PMDD and those going through the menopause. On a personal level i also suffered with chronic pain from  endometriosis for years and fertility problems, as well as many surgeries including an early hysterectomy which led to an early menopause.

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Any clients who are suffering with the problems I have mentioned can come to see me for a more in depth consultation followed by regular treatments at a special price.These appointments are for women who are looking for long term management of their symptoms.

Since domestic abuse and PTSD are also very personal to me, women who have been through trauma may also meet the criteriafor these appointments.

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